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Bus Services LLC


We keep you on the road


Bernhard Bus is located in Quakertown PA, one mile from

Exit 44 of the northeast extension of the Pennsylvania turnpike.


At Bernhard Bus we keep you cool

When it is HOT we can make sure that you stay COOL. The last thing a coach operator needs is to be on the road with no Air Conditioning and a whole bus load of passengers. At Bernhard Bus we can fix any A/C problem making sure that your whole system is working properly. Our Air Conditioning services are listed below.

     •     We Repair A/C Compressors

     •     We Rebuild A/C Compressors

     •     We Install A/C Compressors

     •     We also work on the A/C Electrical System, diagnosing and

          fixing any problem!

All A/C Compressors are filled with oil, test run, pressurized

and checked for leaks.

Air Conditioning Services

Affiliations and  Associations

Bernhard Bus Services LLC • 1442 Sleepy Hollow Road  • Quakertown, PA 18951

• 215-679-8943 • Fax: 215-679-3321 • Emergency service available after hours - 215-892-5168

• email: bernhardbus@comcast.net

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm